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Urgent Health Warning

Dear Clients,

Please note that we do not accept dogs who have not been fully vaccinated, dewormed and treated for ticks and fleas. You’ll be required to present all vaccination and deworming records prior to arrival, and your booking will be cancelled if the records do not comply with our requirements.

We have been notified of an incident of Rabies in Chloorkop / Sandringham, as well as a national outbreak of Parvovirus.

Hookworm is especially bad this season so please ensure that your deworming medication treats this. Hookworm symptoms include anaemia, ale gums, itchy paws and bloody diarrhoea.

As an extra precaution, please vaccinate for Kennel Cough too. This is not part of the standard annual 5 in 1 booster. Kennel Cough is airborne, contagious, and not restricted to kennels. Symptoms include persistent coughing, sneezing and retching.

The same applies to your tick and flea treatment, which should be updated prior to arrival. It is tick season. Please treat this seriously.

Our recommendation is that all treatments be done separately, a couple of days apart, so as not to overload your dogs system.

Thank you for your continued support!


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