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About Us

Our Story


The vision, the name and the service offering began, albeit in a small way, some 10 years ago, on the East Rand.

In 2015, a change in personal  circumstances fast tracked the realisation of the dream and Shaggy Chic found its home at a manicured 1 hectare property, in the heart of Midrand.

The name and logo embodies a lifelong passion for shaggy dogs and specifically, my own wonderful Bearded Collies, true shaggy dogs; with some sass!  I attribute the great vibe and energy here, to them, and it is felt by both dog as well as human visitors.

The well-being and safety of our visitors underpins everything we do; it really is “all about the dogs”. 

Vision and Values


Our vision is to remain an enlightened business; built on wisdom, true service, 100% heart and 100% business ethic. By living our purpose and doing what we love, we make a difference in the lives of our visitors and their owners, as well as our business partners.

​Our values are passion, purpose, dependability, reliability, efficiency, compassion, excellence, creativity, and perseverance.

Meet Eileen


Dogs have always featured in my world.


My first dog, acquired as a child, was a rescue who chose me, and together we negotiated everything there was to learn about responsible dog ownership.


She was my best friend and confidante growing up and entrenched the feeling that I would always be actively involved with dogs, in some way.


Many years later, after a lifetime in the corporate world, I was compelled to realise my dream and Shaggy Chic was born.

My involvement with my own breed, Bearded Collies, spans some 30 years, and I attribute so much of what I have learnt about dogs, to them.
Glamorous, award winning show dogs, my Beardies remain first and foremost my constant companions and best friends; of course they are perfectly suited to their job at Shaggy Chic, that being to welcome all our visitors with their unique joie de vivre and sass!
​It can safely be said that there will always be a shaggy dog at my side.

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