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PetPeace CanineCalm

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CanineCalm aids in the reduction of fear and anxiety related to storms, fire crackers, traveling, parlour visits, separation anxiety and competition performance stress.  This product may also be used in assisting dogs in the treatment of chronic pain due to age, degeneration of joints or arthritis.  Test results have been very successful to date.  We continue to research and test the benefits of the product.
This is a natural product. Keep out of direct sunlight.  Wash your hands thoroughly after administration. 

When your dog presents with anxious behaviour, warm the oil in the bottle by rolling it in your hands or microwaving it for 5 seconds. Mix the oil well before drawing up the dosage with the syringe supplied. Administer directly into the right side of the dogs mouth.  It will be quickly absorbed into the
Pharmaceutical Classification:

0.015ml CBD oil per 1 gram

A32.2 other complimentary supplement suggested dosage:

Small (under 5kgs) - 1/4ml to 1ml
Medium (5 to 15kgs) - 1ml to 1.5ml
Large and XL (over 15kgs) - 1.5ml to 2ml
system and takes an average of 10 minutes to take effect.  The dog will relax.  This product can be topped up if required. Be mindful that your dog may continue to present with habitual anxious behaviour, however, from the 18 month study and trials done, we have found that all dogs showed a very obvious and positive reaction.  Once you have administered the dose, encourage your dog into a safe space and try not to feed into the anxiety.  Your dog will draw energy from you, so it's vital you show confident behaviour. Assess your dogs reaction.
Side Effects and Special Precautions:

None.  Some dogs may become docile and drowsy if overdosed.  Toxicity occures at ingestion of 3 grams of pure oil. 
  1. Available in tiny bottles.
  2. Takes effect in 10 minutes.
  3. Easy to measure the correct dosage.
  4. Extensively tested.
  5. Backed by influential members within the pet industry.
  6. PetPeace only supports small, privately owned businesses. 
  7. PetPeace is guaranteed 100% pure, organic, locally grown, naturally processed and highly controlled oil extraction procedure. 
  8. Pharmaceutical classification information is clearly displayed. 
  9. We strongly encourage and support getting our pets off all chemicals, including other natural remedies.
  10. We offer a strong and ongoing support system to our clients. 
  11. We encourage and record all feedback.
  12. Research continues in a widening variety of cases.

10ml - R80  |  20ml - R160  |  50ml - R370
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