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Simon Says : The Husky Recommends Shaggy Chic

Anyone who's ever known a Siberian Husky will confirm that they are terrible escape artists with absolutely no inclination to come back when called. It is therefore imperative that they are only let off leash under strict supervision, or in an area which is completely fenced off and secure.

Simon Says, the South African Siberian Husky who competed at the FCI Agility Word Champs in Finland in 2019, is well known for getting lost in a huge forest in Germany on his return trip only minutes before he was due to check-in for his flight home, resulting in incredible stress and the huge expenses! So his mother is, understandably, worried about his safety on dog walks.

But he could not escape Shaggy Chic! He and his siblings joined us for a good long run-around in our Siberian-Husky-Proof Dog Park.

Since these three Sibes tend to bully other dogs, they were given exclusive use of the park to ensure everyone's safety.

After much digging, climbing, frolicking in water bowls and rolling in sand, we treated the three to a bath with our fantastic Wumpum grooming products. They then got a thorough brush and blowdry to remove the immense amount of lose dog hair that only Siberian Husky owners can understand, and they were kept calm and comfortable with frequent feeding of our delicious, home-made peanut butter cookies.

The three, looking absolutely beautifully fluffy, then headed out for a quick photo shoot and agility training just down the road.

Do you think they had fun?!


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