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Covid-19 Protocol

Shaggy Chic maintains a strict protocol regarding the current requirements for the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • All facilities are cleaned with F10, including any “touchpoints”, for example, gates etc.

Our Staff

  • Social distancing is practiced at all times, in all areas on the property. Upon arrival, our staff will receive you wearing a mask, and we request you to do same.

  • Our staff have been in lockdown with us from 26 March 2020. They are temperature checked daily and wash their hands regularly using F10 disinfectant.

Our Clients

  • During the pandemic, we request that you do not supply bedding and toys; these will be provided by us.

  • We request that you remove leads, collars and jackets upon arrival and retain them.

  • Should you be dropping off containers or cooler boxes containing dog food, please sanitize them prior to arrival and place them on the table provided at the entrance.

  • We request that you practice social distancing when dropping off and collecting your pets.

  • Regrettably we cannot accept cash payments at this time, and we do not have card facilities. Please process payment via eft and forward proof of payment to us prior to arrival.

Your safety and the safety of your pets is of the utmost important to us and we request your cooperation.


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