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Puppy Socialisation Here!

Don't miss out on critical Puppy Socialisation! Shaggy Chic has always been a perfect spot for socialising puppies to new people, fun equipment, new sights sounds and smells, and other dogs. Now we also offer special grooming training sessions for all puppies under 8 months of age. Desensitise your puppy to the grooming process so that it will be less stressful when they're grown up.

Puppy Grooming Training at R150 per puppy includes:

  • Lots of home made, healthy, delicious treats to positively reinforce them for accepting the grooming processes. You can bring their meals for us to use too.

  • 15 to 30 minutes of training grooming.

  • As much nail trimming, brushing, bathing & blow drying as the pup will comfortably tolerate. The experience will be kept as positive as possible for your pup, & this may mean that a full groom may not yet be achieved.

  • Owners are welcome to attend & contribute to the training process, provided that all COVID-19 regulations are adhered to.

Early booking is essential.

Eileen Ashton: 082 551 5282


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